Signs of a Thyroid Problem

Photo by janulla/iStock / Getty Images

Thyroid problems are becoming more prevalent in our society today.  One may wonder if this is because of all the stressors we experience in a fast paced world of work, family responsibilities, technology, environmental changes and constant socialization.  Simply put, we don't rest and relax.

It is very important that proper testing be done beyond the traditional TSH marker to help determine if you are hyperthyroid or hypothyroid. It is also important to look at the adrenal gland (i.e. cortisol levels), as these levels may also affect your thyroid.

Dr. Williams is a well researched pioneer when it comes to understanding the function of the thyroid.  This article hopefully provides some insight into understanding what you need to know about your thyroid and what to ask your medical practitioner for at your next appointment.

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